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In today’s economy, many businesses are reevaluating their spending and looking for ways to cut back.  They’re asking themselves if they can really afford to upgrade their computer systems, expand their offices, or even buy new office equipment and products.  Certainly, these are wise moves in light of the current economic situation.

However, there are also areas where it would be foolish to cut back, especially in this economy. Bringing in more customers is crucial to the success and growth of any business, in any economy, but has never been more important than it is today.   Smart companies are even using this downturn as an opportunity to start tapping into new markets.

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One area in which businesses can’t afford to cut back, though, is on language translations services.  Sure, it’s easy to find someone who’s willing to translate documents for little or no payment.  The intern working in the accounting department is fluent in Spanish; maybe she can help translate the legal contract you just received from that client in Brazil.  Doesn’t Nancy, the receptionist, have a grandson who just got back from a semester abroad in Germany?  Bet he’d be willing to provide language translations for our marketing department at a fraction of the cost of a professional translations service!

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Professional translation companies can be pretty expensive, but would you really be willing to risk your business’ reputation on the services of a college kid, or the friend of a friend that your colleague knows?  Of course not!  Anyone who’s ever used one of those free online translation Web sites knows that it is far too easy to get an inaccurate translation.

Language translations services are an extremely complex process and you need professional help to make sure the translations you receive are accurate.  But how can you be sure that you’re getting the superior service you need at a fair price?

7Brands: High-Quality Translations at an Affordable Price

At 7Brands, we know that our work reflects your reputation, so we strive to provide the highest quality translations while still keeping our prices reasonable and affordable!  All of our translators are certified and professionally trained, ensuring that your product is receiving an expert translation.  We have experience translating dozens of documents, including legal, financial, technical, and marketing.

This experience guarantees that our translators are familiar with the specific demands of each type of document.  Plus, our internal standards are so high that we have each completed translation double-checked by one of our staff proofreaders before returning it to you!  We also offer competitive rates, while still maintaining the high-quality translations that 100s of our satisfied clients have come to know and expect.

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