Quality Japanese Translations For Your Professional Needs

Our Company and Customs

7Brands is a critically acclaimed and professional translation service that employs top-notch Japanese translators to assist with all your business’s translation questions and needs. Our company has built a strong repertoire by providing premium results to:

  • Worldwide Corporations
  • Diverse Businesses/Industries
  • Organizations with Global Connections

7Brands specializes in providing Japanese translations to diverse fields including: law, finance, technical, engineering, and software. We have also established an impeccable reputation with client satisfaction, which demonstrates our viable and valuable Japanese translation services. Meaning, we can easily and efficiently get your project demands met.

Full Service Translation: English to Japanese translation – Japanese to English translation

Select from one of our professional industries tailored to your needs:

Legal Translation Business Documents Financial Statements
Technical Translation Certified Japanese Website Localization

We also offer even more specialized services such as:

  • Certifications
  • Notarizations
  • Apostillies & Authentications and
  • Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing (DTP)

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The Benefits and Credentials of 7Brands

Our professional caliber is portrayed through the pinpoint accuracy from our Japanese-native translators. Whether you are looking for English to Japanese or Japanese to English translations, you can be rest assured that the core values of our services includes the following assets:

  • ISO 9001: 2000 Standards
  • Japanese Translation Certification
  • Prestigious Reputation Worldwide
  • Japanese-native Translators
  • Confidentiality (nondisclosure)
  • Quality Care and Timely Results
  • Carbon-copy Translations
  • Easy-to-use services
  • Hassle-free Process
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


7Brands is an associate division of 7Brands Inc., which has refined experience providing superior and grade-A translations. We will excel your business through our:

  • World-renowned Translation Services
  • International Business Connections
  • Membership with major translation associations
  • First-rate Results
  • Polished Professionalism
  • Error-free Translations
  • Customized and Certified Translation

Successful businesses excelling from the services we offer are:

  • Bank of America
  • Daewoo Machinery
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Mitsubishi Group
  • MetLife and
  • Australia’s Topcon


Your company can excel like these returning companies knowing that our 5-star professional Japanese translators adhere to ISO 9001:2000 protocols to provide you with certified excellence in every translation. Our Japanese translators exercise pinpoint precision in their translations because they take pride in the accuracy of their work and care about the sustainability of your business.

Our Japanese Translations include a
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Our Confidentiality Contract

Our company and translators understand the degree of professionalism that our clients expect to receive regarding confidentiality, which is why we offer NDAs (nondisclosure agreements), upon request, throughout all of our services.

How We Keep Our Services and Translations Top-of-the-Line

7Brands has been the #1 choice for companies looking for certified Japanese to English translations and English to Japanese translations. Since we conduct business with over 40 different countries, we have the ability to provide market-specific translation services with our unbeatable client satisfaction. Our expert translations are key components for your translation needs.

Here’s how 7Brands can help your company. Japanese is a rapidly growing language with over 130 million fluent speakers, which means the Japanese translation industry is very competitive and constantly changing. 7Brands understands your demands and is professionally ready to craft your translations using our:

  • Cutting-edge Language Resources
  • Always Up-to-date Japanese Linguists
  • Japanese-native translators and
  • Industry-leading Document Designs

Why Our 100% Satisfaction Is So Easy to Guarantee

  • We have highly experienced project managers who are with you every step of the way while also carefully evaluating each detail of your project to meet all your translation needs.
  • Our certified Japanese translators are appropriately conditioned with skills to be able to customize your needs regarding Japanese to English and English to Japanese translations.
  • We employ highly specialized translators who work in the environments of – law, finance, business, advertising, engineering, and medical – to gain a knowledgeable perspective about how to properly understand our clients’ values.